Freshly Brewed Coders' Schedule

//The art of writing a beautiful code demands more than just learning to code. At iCanCode, we nurture an environment where you thrive - technically and creatively. Let’s take a glimpse at how your day looks like at iCanCode:

All-Encompassing Class

//At iCanCode, we begin fresh. A morning filled with concepts of coding in a well equipped classroom by expert trainers is highly immersive and mentally stimulating.

Learn to Code

//Be it impromptu tech talks or hands-on coding, or simply keeping yourself up-to-date with what is happening with technology, this is most defining moment of your day. At iCanCode, we use this time for self learning, solving coding challenges etc.

Collaborate and Code

//Grab a cup of coffee and sit with your peer or mentor to collaborate on an app or idea you’re working on. We use this time for knowledge exchange too.

Communication Sessions

//Our program is designed to make you more than just a coder. So, we offer sessions that help you think differently and push your limits to step out of our comfort zones. All of this, while improving your public speaking skills.

Epic Internships

//One of the coolest things we offer you are much coveted internships at the most potential startups in the city. Brace yourselves for the time of your life!

Game of Codes

//Ever wanted to build an app in a month? Well, this is your chance to build one by working closely with people who are building products to make lives simpler.

Our Resources, Your Energy

//Our lab is open for you throughout the year, all around the clock. So, if there are days when you have to burn some midnight oil to accomplish your tasks, the lab is your oyster.


//IIn an era where resumes have turned passé, a dedicates skill profile that shows your achievements and skills wins the glory. Our Coding Labs does that (and more) for you.

Good Health

//It is not enough if your mind is stimulated alone, your body too needs some. We have a well furnished recreational center at your service too.

And the Jazz

//When we have done enough work and learning for the day, it’s time to indulge in some fun activities, personality development sessions, talks, and more.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our library. We love it!

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