Let’s relive that magic again.

//We teach you the art of writing code that will make you squeal like an excited child!

{ We won’t say it, but you’ll know it all - with iCanCode, you will code as seamlessly as you read and write. }

Course Offerings

//One of its kind and absolutely unique, our program isn’t just about education. It is your journey from a beginner to a coder with high level expertise. And to achieve that, you need to learn more than just coding. For better comprehension, take a look at our three word rule - Learn. Code. Showcase.


Front-End Web Developer

//Html & CSS, Javascript, git & Github

Full Stack Web Developer

//Ruby & Rails, MySQL, Javascript, git & Github, Html & CSS

iOS Developer

//Object-C, git & Github, REST APIs

Android Developer

//Programming Basics, REST APIs