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India’s Largest Coding Bootcamp.

A collaborative culture of immersive coding and learning.

Our immersive bootcamp experience equips you to the evolving trends of the technology. We focus on imparting hands-on learning of different languages, frameworks, and skills that enhance several facets of your personality. Our dedicated and experienced mentors work one on one with you to help you overcome any challenges. And the best part? You get to build a 'Skill profile' that displays your skills and achievements. And all of this in just 24 weeks.

An Immersive Coding Program

All the skills you need to
get a job you dream.

Hands-On Coding

We offer one-of-its-kind hands-on coding experience to help you learn and adapt to the evolving demands of technology.

Expert Mentorship

Our experienced mentors who are experts at writing code teach you the crux and techniques of writing beautiful code.

24/7 Lab

Our lab is open all around the clock. For the days when you need to burn the midnight oil, grab a coffee and code away.

Epic Internships

One of the coolest things we offer you are internships at potential startups. Here, you'll put your knowledge into practice.

Communication Skills

Our creative and communication exercises emphasize on improving your thinking and public speaking skills.

Capstone Project

In the end, pick a project of your choice, and work on it. Just one project to flaunt your learning!


Every coder at iCanCode gets a dedicated online skill profile to display their skills and achievements.

A Coder's Experience at iCanCode

  • The day begins with a steaming cup of coffee and a standup with coders pitching their updates.
  • The mentors sit down with the coders to for an extensive hands-on learning with the concepts for the day.
  • After the lecture, the coders huddle for a group study to grasp the concepts and solve coding challenges.
  • Is it lunch time yet? The coders head over to the cafeteria. Light-hearted conversations take place around the table.
  • Coding O'clock strikes again.
  • Be it enhancing public speaking skills or creative thinking, our coders catch up for a communications session.
  • The mentors sit down with the coders one-on-one for code reviews and to help them overcome everyday challenges.
  • End of the day arrives. The coders journal their learnings in Coding Labs and call it a day.
  • The presentations and demos at iCC offer ample opportunities to the coders to discuss their knowledge.
  • Our coders connect with various tech communities through meetups, tech talks etc.
  • Unwinding an eventful week comes easy with our library full of books ranging from technology to fiction to entrepreneurship.
  • Our coders get to volunteer at social causes, entrepreneurial events etc. and meet wonderful people.
  • Weekends at iCanCode get glorious with our coders hosting or attending hackathons across the city.
  • As avid bloggers at heart, our coders write about their learnings and experiences.
  • Is it reflection time yet? The mentors track the progress of the coders and help them understand their improvement areas.
  • Ideathons are a regular monthly affair where coders gather and share their ideas on building apps.
  • When the going gets tough, a movie screening on a certain Friday makes way for a great weekend.

  • Rave all about Game of Thrones, but at iCanCode, it's Game of Codes that excites us. Coders form teams and build projects under minimal amount of time. Adrenalin rush is high!
  • As time unfolds, it's time for the coders to graduate with flying colours. But before that, our coders pick a Capstone project of their choice. A final touch of glory!

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